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Thursday, June 7, 2012

NSA Will Spend Money on Cyber Expertise

The last years turned cyber war into an issue worthy of the defense budget – this is why the National Security Agency (NSA) decided to spend some cash to expand American cyber expertise. The agency wants to start secret intelligence operations against intruders on computer networks via a new cyber-ops program at certain universities. Press reports show that a new cyber-ops curriculum is geared to providing the basic education for people working in intelligence, military and law enforcement industries.

It seems that the course is so secret that it will be revealed only to selected students and a couple faculties. You will need security clearance requirements and platform tickets. However, the problem for the National Security Agency is that the best cyber terrorists are people who don’t give a monkey’s about the establishment or could be found by their criminal charge sheet.

According to Neal Ziring, who is technical director at the NSA’s Information Assurance Directorate, quality cyber operators the agency is looking for are really few and far between. The aim of the agency is to protect the American government computer networks and to collect foreign intelligence by electronic means such as satellites, and decode it.

Still, it wasn’t easy to find the right university to back this program. In fact, of twenty universities that applied, only 4 received the new designation of “Centres of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations”. The matter is that most universities simply didn’t run courses in “reverse engineering” that made them like a chocolate teapot to the spooks.

The manager of the agency’s cyber training and education programs said that unfortunately many schools weren't emerging with the technology. 

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