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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mayor and Son Arrested for Hacking Their Rivals Website

Recently the mayor of a New Jersey town was arrested, together with his son. The police arrested the family after it was claimed they had shut down an online service advocating his recall.

According to press reports, Felix Roque, 55, the mayor of West New York (NJ), and his son, Joseph Roque, 22, have been arrested by the Feds. The prosecutors found out that the pair worked out how to shut down the website www.recallroque.com – they gained access to the GoDaddy account which was used to control the domain. The family managed to obtain e-mails and messages that have been sent among opponents.

The prosecutors explained that Felix and Joseph Roque wanted to discover who exactly was behind the recall website. 22-years-old Joseph Roque’s searches in Google included “hacking a Go Daddy site”, “recallroque log-in”, and “html hacking tutorial”. As a result, the young man worked out how to reset the e-mail account which was used to register their opponents’ domain with GoDaddy and obtain control of the GoDaddy account.

After the shutdown of the service, Felix Roque went further and used the messages retrieved from the compromised accounts in order to identify people who used to run and support the website and called them. Felix Roque claimed that he had friends in high levels of government and it was them who had shut www.recallroque.com down. He also promised that now everyone would pay for getting involved against the Mayor.

At the moment, both the mayor and his son are charged with three counts of hacking. Felix Roque has been elected after leading a successful recall against the former mayor, Sal Vega. 

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