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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Napster Founders Created New Service

Two of the US developers of the file-sharing platform known as Napster, Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, have recently reunited and started a new service for friends to video chat online.


Founders of Napster now created a new service called AirTime at the event featuring such Hollywood stars as Jim Carrey, talk show host Jimmy Fallon, and TV star Joel McHale. Rapper Snoop Dogg and actress Olivia Munn also made an appearance as live video chats.

Because of the technical difficulties, video chats between the celebrities could only last 10 minutes, and the creators were trying to fix the problems during the event. Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning plan to overcome such difficulties as soon as possible, because their new service will be implemented by Facebook soon. Therefore, only Facebook users will be able to use AirTime.

Meanwhile, Sean Parker explained that AirTime isn’t going to rival established social networks, but instead act like a separate social network itself. They want to make the online space a fun place to visit, with your friends being able to video chat with each other online, while allowing them remain anonymous. The new company will ensure users’ safety, because it became one of the prime concerns of the modern Internet users. Sean Parker explained that the new service founders are trying to restore serendipity to the web, and pointed out that there’s never been an environment like AirTime’s for live online performance.

However, when asked how Napster changed everything a decade ago, its founders claimed that they had no idea of the impact this would have. All they realized was that the product was big, but they dramatically underestimated the scale.

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