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Sunday, June 17, 2012

MPAA vs. Google on Their Opening Celebration

The search giant Google was celebrating the opening of the first drive-in movie theater around seventy-nine years ago with one of its animated signatures. Of course, it became a perfect opportunity for the MPAA’s CEO to pick on Google again.

In his recent blog post, the MPAA’s chairman said that he applauds the tribute, but the search giant’s “love” for the entertainment industry should extend beyond doodles. Therefore, Google’s anti-piracy policies should be stricter. In other words, he didn’t say anything new to us. He claimed that every day the industry and search engine aren’t working toward a shared solution is just another day that the hard work and ingenuity of people working in the US movie and TV community is being ripped off by the criminals around over globe. In other words, it is just another day that the US ideas aren’t being protected.

The attempts of the MPAA’s head to protect intellectual property are named SOPA and PIPA – two bills that were strongly boycotted by many online giants, including Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia. The Internet corporations argued that the measures of both acts would definitely have a negative impact on free speech.

Ever since, the MPAA admitted that both suggested bills were “dead”, but still insisted that it would continue its efforts to improve the relationship between the largest studios and Silicon Valley. In his blog post, the outfit’s chairman cited Ari Emanuel who recently said that the search engine should be more serious about filtering illegal material. As Emanuel’s beloved on-screen alter-ego Ari Gold, who was brought to life by exactly the hard-working US citizens they aim to protect, would say: “let’s hug it out”.

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