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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Netherlands Say No to ACTA Treaty

The Dutch, who are known for sorting out the UK’s Irish question by loaning their King, went further and told the American entertainment industry to get out. The country is almost certain to vote against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (better known as ACTA).

The Dutch Competitiveness Council will look at a motion by Kees Verhoeven and Afke Schaart, after which the motion will be voted on in the House. The experts predict that the Kees Verhoeven's motion will be adopted by a majority of the House, because the latter has already slammed the controversial ACTA treaty. The local press has been discussing the issue, saying that the motion means the country will finally tell the entertainment industry to “bog off”.

ACTA agreement was originally intended to fight the trading of counterfeit products. The list included downloads of music, film and software, which fall under copyright protection. Everyone understands now that the agreement will most likely have a rough ride in the European Parliament. However, Kees Verhoeven isn’t going to wait, and their motion will kill off the anti-piracy agreement regardless of whether the European Parliament would vote for it or against.

Thus far, the Dutch government has already waived putting a signature on the agreement under pressure from the House. Meanwhile, the industry experts expressed some concerns, one of them being that the provisions of the agreement go against fundamental human rights and provide too much political power to the creative industry.

According to the motion, online freedom and privacy of citizens and businesses will be in real danger from ACTA. 

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