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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Entertainment Industry Disabled Fast Forward

Time Warner Cable has received a patent for its innovation: it disabled fast-forward on digital video recorders. Charles Hasek made this invention in order to stop people from skipping commercials built into the video. The entire idea is based on the assumption that the company is able to tell advertisers that instead of fast forwarding playback through the commercials they can make sure that the consumers are really watching. As such, the advertisers should be paying for commercials more willingly.

However, this approach can’t guarantee that the consumer won’t turn off the program because of too many commercials, or just go to the loo. Still, a lot of advertisers are ready to pay a fortune for such a gimmick.

In the meantime, the patented technology has the opposite function of the Hopper multiroom DVR, recently launched by Dish Network. Dish has designed a method to automatically remove all advertisements from prime time programming of the Big Four broadcast networks. That’s what the consumers would love the most.

Time Warner Cable has already disabled the fast-forward function in a number of the digital cable products provided to its subscribers. However, the industry experts doubt that the company would bring in the advertisement system in the nearest future. So, the users who are annoyed with plenty of commercials will have no other choice than just leave and switch to DirecTV, Verizon or any other multichannel provider which distributes DVRs allowing the consumers to skip the adverts. However, it might offer it as an extra cheaper service in order to force consumers to purchase the content with advertising installed.

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