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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Counting Crows Goes BitTorrent

The US rock band named Counting Crows is going to share a music bundle from their new album through BitTorrent network.


The released bundle includes 4 tracks from the band’s album entitled Underwater Sunshine:
- Untitled (Love Song)
- Meet On The Ledge
- Like Teenage Gravity
- Hospital

Along with the music, the pack also offers Adam Duritz’s (lead singer) liner notes, as well as high-resolution album artwork. The musicians decided that their release date would coincide with their upcoming US tour – The Outlaw Roadshow. The singer called it “their new radio stations”. He says that today no-one is carrying a boombox on their shoulder waiting for someone to tell them what they can listen to. Instead, everyone has an iPod and a choice. That’s why the band decided to allow 150 million people to listen to a few songs they can fit in their pockets and then let them choose for themselves. Perhaps, they will listen once, perhaps twice, or maybe not at all. It’s all up to them.

Matt Mason, the executive director of marketing at BitTorrent Inc., embraced the band’s decision and said that Counting Crows could be regarded as an enduring musical phenomenon and a great example of the musicians who welcome cutting-edge technology and networks for promotion and distribution.

This unique BitTorrent pack option offers content creators the flexibility to distribute their works directly to the audience at scale. Meanwhile, the BitTorrent’s commitment is to deliver powerful technology able to connect cutting edge musicians with new fans, improve concert attendance and drive revenue.

“Underwater Sunshine” is already available for everyone as a BitTorrent bundle – try it and decide for yourself.

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