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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fujitsu Team Cracked New Form of Encryption

An innovative form of encryption, which was expected to become the next best thing when coming to encoding, was recently cracked by a team led by Fujitsu. The team was made up of the representatives of Fujitsu, Kyushu University, and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, coped with a successful cryptanalysis of a 278-digit (923-bit)-long pairing-based cryptography.

Unfortunately for the standard, the encryption in question is currently fast becoming the next best thing, as it was estimated to take hundreds of thousands years to crack. The company admits that the standard was quite tricky to start with and in fact was impossible to break.

Nevertheless, the number crunchers changed their approach and came up with another way to solve the problem. They found out that pairing-based cryptography of that length was very fragile and therefore could be broken in only 5 months. In the official statement, Fujitsu said along with the development of cryptanalytic techniques and machines, cryptanalytic speed also accelerates, while cryptographic security falls.

In the meantime, pairing-based cryptography hadn’t developed much, which made it premature to evaluate its security against a new way of attack. According to Fujitsu team, they used 21 PCs with 252 cores in 5 months. In fact, the cryptanalysis equals to spoofing the authority of the information system administrator.

As such, for the first time ever Fujitsu managed to prove that the cryptography of the parameter wasn’t secure enough and could be cracked in a realistic amount of time. Meanwhile, the key to the problem was a technique optimizing parameter setting, which used computer algebra: a two dimensional search algorithm extended from linear search.

Fujitsu employed more efficient programming techniques to work out an equation from shedloads of information, along with the parallel programming technology. Although it gave Fujitsu a new world record of cryptanalysis, it also had another side and meant the acquisition of valuable information which formed a technical foundation on which to estimate selection of secure encryption, regardless of what that means. As usual, any press release created by PR specialists can only obfuscate instead of illumining.

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