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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Google Released Chrome Version for Windows 8

Google Inc. has recently released a version of its Chrome browser for Windows 8, but the experts point out that the developers ignored many Microsoft requirements. Surprisingly enough, this made the browser very attractive for users.

Currently, both Google and Mozilla are developing their versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers for Windows 8. However, the Metro-style Chrome attracted more attention from the reviewers, as it appears to be too different from IE 10, a default browser in the operating system. The most important part here is that Chrome browser ignored a few Metro design ideas which Microsoft has been actively pushing.

The software giant demands that when the users right-click or press “Windows key + Z”, an app bar should pop up at the bottom of the screen. However, Google decided to keep a traditional menu bar in the top right corner which the user can click for settings and app changes. In addition, it also uses standard tabbed browsing.

Just as Internet Explorer 10, Chrome browser also includes Flash Player built into the browser to allow users view all kinds of Flash content. In the meantime, Google stuffs up Microsoft’s cunning plan and ignores an approved list of websites and Flash content. In other words, Chrome plays the lot.

The industry experts point out that there’s something that can make Chrome more popular on Metro. The matter is that the browser is standing in a half way house between the new approach pushed by Windows 8, which is driving users towards, and the older approach that most people are used to and comfortable with. According to the experts’ estimation, this could make Chrome popular in the short term while users work their way around Metro. 

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