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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Microsoft Disclosed Some Windows Phone 8 Features

Microsoft has recently disclosed some information about its new Windows Phone 8. The new mobile operating system is expected to become its, and Nokia’s, great hope against the Apple and Android onslaught. During the recent Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft detailed a number of important platform changes.

Although the software giant didn’t tell anyone about all the end user features, it confirmed that the new OS will support multi-core chips. Moreover, it seems that Windows Phone 8 could even run on a 64-core machine which is obviously over the top for a phone.

The OS is promised to support WVGA, WXGA, and 720p (800x480, 1280x768, and 1280x720 16:9), with old applications running on the new software as well. The new operating system will also support removable microSD cards and facilitate the attempts of iOS and Android developers to port over their applications and games to Microsoft OS. In addition, Windows Phone 8 will support NFC and the Wallet hub. It will also include Nokia’s built-in mapping technology, which will include turn-by-turn navigation.

From the business point of view and in the attempt to pick up trade from the broke RIM company, the mobiles will have encryption and secure-boot, as well as BitLocker, Device Management, LOB App deployment, and the usual Office applications.

New Microsoft OS will feature a newer Start Screen, allowing users to choose the tile size and customize the colors. The release is scheduled to this fall. Nevertheless, it seems that people who own the Nokia Lumia 900 or other Windows Phone devices won’t be affected, because new OS won’t run on older systems. In other words, this would be the kiss of death for everyone who purchased a Nokia in 2012, because they will have to throw their phone away to get the new operating system.

In response, the representatives of Microsoft claimed that the company will offer a separate update, Windows Phone 7.8. The latter is promised to give the early adopters some similar functionality. Still, the current situation means that nobody in their right mind would now purchase a Nokia Lumia 900 until after the new system is released. This might disappoint Nokia a bit, we guess… Thus far, neither of the companies commented this situation, but they must understand what is happening.

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