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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Germany Established Military Cyber Department

The country recently announced that it will set up a special department to curb digital crime. The cyber warfare unit has been prepared for six years, and is lagging behind other countries. 


International media reported that the Computer Network Operations unit was part of the country’s military, which would be used to counteract and attack intruders who make attempts to destroy key installations or are suspected in espionage activities.

The unit in question is located near Bonn and operated from there. Thus far, the unit in question has been established to protect from attacks from China, because, according to German officials, those have been raging for years now.

Nevertheless, one of the security specialists anonymously warned that Germany could have acted too late and might be now putting its eggs into one basket. He explained that the countries are slowly waking up to the fact that online threats are almost as important as nuclear ones. Instead of unleashing nuclear weapons, the hackers are able to easily strike, taking offline important government portals or stealing data. Although Germany is on the right tracks with the suggested new department, it is trailing behind the likes of the United States and the United Kingdom, which have their own units up and running for a while now.

Security expert explained that the main nature of the unit in question is to ward off the threats from China, but everyone should understand that it isn’t just this giant who is likely to attack. If Germany really wants to make sure the country is safe, it should look at countries with a political vengeance against them – by the way, it isn’t just China that is “at war” with the world

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