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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UK Hacker Might Be Extradited to US

An American federal grand jury in Los Angeles believes that British justice won’t be enough for a 20-year-old hacker. A Grand jury has indicted Ryan Cleary on charges connected with the numerous attacks by the LulzSec hacktivists, whose victims were the Fox and PBS television networks, as well as Sony’s movie and TV studio.

Now the guy is awaiting prosecution over similar charges in his motherland, the UK. However, the America is worried that he won’t have to suffer from one of its backward trillion year prison sentences, while in the United States he could be locked up for 25 years.

The Grand Jury is the first step to get Cleary to the United States where he would face the music for crimes he’s done over the pond. Ryan is accused of using botnets in order to steal confidential data, deface websites, and attack servers.

The Feds told the press that the UK man is an experienced hacker, who was controlling his own botnet, using various sophisticated methods. Meanwhile, Ryan’s broad geographic scope affected a lot of organizations and individuals.

The charges of the United States are based on the evidence of a super-grass Hector Xavier Monsegur. The latter pleaded guilty to hacking-related charges and disclosed the FBI information on his fellow hackers. The FBI has released an indictment saying that Ryan Cleary and his unnamed accomplices have hacked into the web systems of News Corp (this one is really ironic), as well as of Sony Pictures Entertainment, where they stole confidential user data. Aside from this, Cleary is also charged with defacing the PBS site and starting DDoS attacks against one of the online gaming sites and UK’s Serious Organized Crime Agency.

However, nobody can explain why exactly Ryan should be charged in an American court with hacking a UK website. The matter is that Cleary is already charged with that in the United Kingdom, so being punished twice for the same offence would be very unfair.

As for the FBI, they magnanimously admitted that the authorities of the United States would “allow the prosecution to take its course” against the hacker overseas prior to deciding whether to seek his extradition to the US. The experts guess that anything less than a British hanging is the request of the US for Cleary to be extradited. 

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