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Thursday, June 7, 2012

North Korea to Discover File-Sharing

It’s been more that sixty years of censorship in North Korea, but now the country is slowly opening to the world, learning about such things as file-sharing.


The citizens of the country are starting to use real-life social networks in order to share copyrighted content like South Korean TV dramas and pop music on physical devices, including DVD and USB sticks. Although North Korean dictatorship keeps the population without an open web access, it turned out that the citizens have found a way to share their favorite copyrighted content on physical devices.

The US State Department has commissioned the report, which scrutinized hundreds of the country’s runaways who chose to leave North Korea via China and now live in South Korea. According to its results, North Koreans are often being aided by Chinese merchants to smuggle in South Korean TV dramas on different physical devices.

That’s where real life social networks become important: it turned out that they had a really huge impact on old concepts implemented by the abusive regime. It seems that those South Korean TV dramas about family and love triangles have shown the people the simplicity of their lives. As a result, the North Korean government had to stop telling its citizens that South Korea is poor.

Meanwhile, the North Koreans are allowed to own TVs, DVD players, and USB sticks. For us it’s hard to believe that such government still exists, but in the reality not so long ago a number of countries, including Romania, have released themselves from such kind of dictatorship. Perhaps, it is time for the North Koreans to follow their path.

Such kind of file-sharing is punishable by the country’s legislation – and the penalty greatly exceeds any of our laws. Nevertheless, the North Korean government couldn’t stop its people from doing so, because their motives became stronger than fear. In addition, the report revealed a decrease in numbers of people who report on their neighbors about unauthorized activities.

Meanwhile, the country’s officials agree to accept “gifts” to look away and even use unauthorized media content themselves! It is unclear what can follow – the future and the North Koreans will decide whether this will lead to a full-blown revolution, or just a change within its borders.

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