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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Adult Movie Lawyer Lost the Appeal

An attorney working on behalf of a porn studio, which was using the legal system to squeeze cash out of BitTorrent file-sharers, has finally lost the appeal against sanctions. Mick Haig Productions believed that it was onto a nice little earner when filing 670 John Doe complaints against uses of P2P networks.

The adult movie company had a cunning plan of suing anonymous file-sharers for allegedly downloading adult content illegally in order to use the powers of the court to disclose their identity. After this the company was going to shame or intimidate the users into settling for thousands of dollars.

Despite the fact that this tactic had been used in other legal cases, it seems to be fast running out of steam, especially in the cases where adult movies are involved. The lower courts felt that the legal process wasn’t serving the interests of justice. The matter is that even if the defendants were innocent they were more likely to pay the amount the adult moviemaker asked for instead of facing the embarrassment of going to court.

After the lower court sanctioned Mick Haig’s attorney for such behavior, he appealed, but today these sanctions received affirmation of 5th Circuit.

The Recording Industry versus the People claimed that the appeals court deplored the movie studio’s strategy of suing anonymous file-sharers for allegedly downloading adult content illegally through the powers of the court to reveal their identity. As it was said above, the plaintiffs then prefer to shame or intimidate file-sharers into settling for bunch of cash.

Now it looks like the porn industry will have to come up with another plan to target illegal file-sharers

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