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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MegaUpload’s Founder Ready to Go to the US for Trial

Kim Dotcom is sure that the US criminal case against him will collapse and even suggested to go to the States without extradition.

Such offer would normally mean that Kim Dotcom should already be packing, but the MegaUpload’s founder has made it conditional on the federal authorities unfreeze his millions of dollars to let him pay for lawyers and living expenses. This is similar to saying “when hell freezes over”.

Of course, the United States allowing that is not likely. The American government has probably spent all cyberlocker’s money on a holiday somewhere hot, while giving Dotcom anything for his defense would mean that Kim gets a fair trial. The Department of Justice doesn’t want Dotcom to get a fair trial because this would mean one where Kim walks.

In the meantime, Dotcom made the offer on Twitter, which is, though public, not exactly legally binding. The MegaUpload’s owner told in the interview that DoJ understood it didn’t have a case. Actually, if the New Zealand forces the United States to show what proof it has then there will be no extradition. Kim says it was exactly why the United States was fighting tooth and nail to stop him getting discovery. He points out that if the US had a case, it wouldn’t need to hide what they have.

Now it looks like the case will drag on anyway, with Dotcom’s lawyers confirming the extradition case had been rescheduled again. Kim is confident that it was Department of Justice dirty delay tactics. The United States literally destroyed his business, took all his money and is still hoping that time will finish Dotcom off.

Kim Dotcom blames the New Zealand government for bowing down to the United States and refusing a New Zealand resident due process and a fair defense.

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