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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Russian Hacker Circumvented Apple’s Wall

Embarrassed Apple is trying to figure out how a Russian hacker managed to break into its walled garden of delights and find a method to make unauthorized in-app purchases.

Indeed, a Russia guy named Alexey Borodin found a way to nick the material from iOS applications by making in-app purchases without actually having to pay cash. In-app purchases can be found in free games which entice you to spend money in order to upgrade the crippled software.

However, Borodin didn’t keep his discovery in secret – he uploaded a video featuring how he applied the method to different applications, including Temple Run. One would expect Apple to swiftly fix the problem and close the security loop hole, but the expectations would fail, as usual: instead, the giant told YouTube that the video in question broke its copyright and the latter had to take it down. Apparently, Apple thought that at least people wouldn’t talk about it in this case.

Apple representatives claimed that the security of the App Store was very important to both the company and the developer community. That’s why Apple took reports of hacking activity seriously, and is currently investigating the issue.

Meanwhile, the reports of the newspapers which spoke to Borodin reveal that over 30,000 unauthorized purchases had been made through it. However, it is unclear who made them all, because Borodin himself couldn’t have been that busy.

So, the software giant’s walled garden of delights looks like it’s protected by a picket fence today. On the 4th of July, Apple apps that were updated began crashing and getting one star reviews. Meanwhile, you can ask the Chinese, and they will tell you that a wall is only good as the tendency of the barbarians on one side of the wall and the willingness of the people on the other to defend it…

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