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Thursday, June 7, 2012

250 Companies Hacked by One Teenager

How do you like it – a 3-month crime spree just because a teenager was bored? Recently, Inspector Knacker of the lower Austrian yard has caught a 15-year-old student who is believed to hack into more than 250 companies over three months.


According to the local media reports, the teen scanned the web for vulnerabilities and bugs in sites and databases which he was able to exploit later. The teenager allegedly stole information and published it on the open web after he breached the security infrastructure of over 250 companies.

When the boy was bored, he would simply deface company sites and boast about what he could do on Twitter. Once police arrived to his house, the teenager confessed to the attacks. All the suffering companies were attacked this year, from January to March, and their location wasn’t limited to Austria.

The boy explained that he carried out the attacks because he was bored and simply wanted to prove himself. It looked as an amazing amount of self knowledge for a teenager, who said he was anti-social, and therefore looked to the virtual world for praise and affirmation. The boy found a hacker forum providing members points for successful attacks, and started to earn those. In three months, he ended up in the top 50 hackers of around 2,000 registered forum users.

The young hacker used hacking instruments that are widely available online, including software that helped him stay anonymous. However, he made a mistake that helped the police to find out who was responsible for attacks on 259 firms: ACK!3STX’s anonymizing software let the boy down, and his IP address was spotted by the Cyber Crime Competence Centre unit. 

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