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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Protection Method: TorGuard

Of course, our readers know that downloading torrents can be dangerous, and few of you want to receive a letter from your Internet service provider or something even worse.New service, TorGuard.net, is offering solutions to preserve your anonymity on the Internet.


The entertainment industry is always alert, and your privacy is becoming a privilege instead of a right. Nevertheless, there are still ways out: proxies, VPNs and others that are able to protect your privacy. TorGuard.net is one of them: a BT-focused proxy server, VPN and Seedbox provider.

Although the BitTorrent swarm isn’t the safest place, by using TorGuard, you can hide your real IP by using a proxy server. This would lead the unwanted eyes to an untraceable server. If someone decides to track your IP, they would see TorGuard’s server sharing files instead, but even those files are encrypted and therefore unknown. TorGuard is also providing VPN services: at $6 per month you would be able to stay anonymous in order to avoid lawsuits that may cost you a fortune.

The official website of TorGuard explains that you when you download or seed a torrent, you are connecting to other people: this is called a swarm. Meanwhile, all of them are able to see your computer’s IP address. It’s convenient when you are sharing files with other users, but file-sharers can be not the only ones who pay attention to what you are doing online. There can be independent monitoring groups that instead of sharing files are logging your IP address in the swarm in order to notify your broadband provider of what you are doing. However, such proxy as TorGuard funnels your BitTorrent traffic through another server. In this case, the BitTorrent swarm only shows an IP address from a server which no-one can trace back.

Although theoretically these groups can go after and request TorGuard’s logs, they will fail to do so. The matter is that TorGuard simply doesn’t keep logs, leaving no paper trail of activity to you. The servers of TorGuard just tunnel traffic for thousands of users at a time through a single server without keeping actual records of data transferred.

In addition, if your ISP throttles BitTorrent traffic, and you are not using an anonymizer service, you might face another problem: your broadband provider can still see what you are doing. In this way, if it finds out that you are using BitTorrent, it will throttle your connection to slow speeds. But if you encrypt BitTorrent traffic with TorGuard, your broadband provider won’t be able to see what you are using your Internet connection for.

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