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Thursday, June 7, 2012

CCTV May Pose Security Threat

According to the reports of some security experts, CCTV is currently becoming a bigger security threat, which the world should be worried about. The source claimed that the technology is now becoming more of a target for the cyber attacks performed by the intruders who are either paid by criminal gangs with the purpose of trying and erasing evidence, or for their financial and pleasurable gain.

According to CCTV.co.uk, there are about 1,850,000 million CCTV cameras all over the United Kingdom. The site said that the top 150,000 cameras are spread out between public transport and local authorities, while the rest are owned by public and private organizations.

Meanwhile, as the result of such a big amount of security cameras, the incentive to break into networks is now becoming more and more tempting. The experts called CCTV hacking “one huge, underlooked risk on the world’s doorstep”. Despite the fact that it wasn’t an entirely new risk, the observers have seen this growth over the past few years with the technology in question becoming more of a way to provide evidence and put someone away.

According to the report, there were examples where pictures captured over CCTV or IPTV could pull images of individuals in compromising positions. At the same time, everyone understands that it’s impossible to completely protect public security systems from cyber attacks. The problem is that the hackers can choose to react in the same manner they would with a wireless network – simply breaking down the encryption and breaking in.

The experts noticed that they wouldn’t be surprised in a bid to cut back on budget that a lot of local authorities have skipped the security side there, using basic encryption or layers which could easily be broken. 

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