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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Donate Organs with Facebook

It seems that Facebook isn’t content with just harvesting information, and is currently looking into harvesting your organs. For real.

Actually, it’s not that fatal. Mark Zuckerberg is just planning to enable an option for Internet users to register as an organ donor via his social network. Thus far it seems to be entirely optional, and the experts failed to get alerted to anything in the Terms and Conditions about signing away access to your kidneys.

The NHS' Blood and Transplant wing informs that around 10,000 people in the United Kingdom are waiting for a new organ. The thing is that although having an organ donor card means your ex vitals are legally up for grabs, in case of your family being too distraught at the idea the hospitals won’t proceed. However, the NHS believes that if you make it completely clear that you want your organs donated, your family is much more likely to consent.

The NHS told the press that only 50% of registered organ donors informed their families about their intention to donate their organs after death – and so the new registration process will be another way to bring in donations.

According to the NHS Blood and Transplant group’s director, Sally Johnson, Facebook could become a great way to get users talking about turning their bodies into carveries after they croak. Sally Johnson explained that the group really needs more people to sign up, so the Facebook campaign is a really exciting new way to make it as quick and easy as it only could be.

The largest social network in the world hopes to start such schemes in many other regions, but thus far it only has plans in the United States, Australia, and the Netherlands.

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