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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dropbox Is Targeted by Spammers

Dropbox is known worldwide as a service providing network storage for people who want to share files between each other. Today Dropbox is targeted by spammers that are abusing the file-sharing system by adding malware and pharmaceuticals to the whole recipe.


Dropbox offers both paid and free service. The company started out five years ago thanks to Drew Houston, who was always forgetting his USB drive while being a student. That’s what gave him an idea to create a file-sharing service to store his files online and have access to them from any computer in the world. Dropbox has become a huge success in quite a short time, and is currently used by millions users running Windows and MAC. If you prefer to access your files from your smartphone, you can also do so with Dropbox.

When you create a Dropbox account, you get a public folder, which is visible for anyone to see and access. That’s what invited the spammers to exploit a so-called “loophole”. It appeared that some of malicious Dropbox accounts had been created by spammers. Their public folders contained an image, and an .html file. Both of them redirected the user to a Canadian pharmaceuticals portal, which is most probably a scam. According to Symantec’s report, the service has targeted more than 1,200 such URLs in the last 48 hours. In addition, it also found malware in the form of a spam message with the pictures. Symantec has issued a warning saying that those links are infected with a Trojan.

Twitter reacted quickly and took precautions against the threats of such kind by starting its own shortening service resolving the links to find out whether they have been reported as malicious or not. As for Dropbox, it also showed concern for the security of its users and is currently looking for solutions to best deal with the problem depending on its seriousness.

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