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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facebook Introduced Groups for Schools

Facebook has recently released a collaborative campus instrument dubbed “Groups for Schools”. Thus far, only American colleges and universities are able to create groups related to their activities (like dorms, classes, or student events).


Earlier in Facebook’s life, Mark Zuckerberg tried to introduce a file-sharing service named Wirehog, but failed. However, he didn’t give up: a few days ago Facebook introduced yet another feature called “Groups for Schools”. Within the frames of this program, students are able to upload files, but with some limits. For example, they can’t upload any .exe files (this is done for obvious reason of avoiding viruses spread), and Facebook has a 25MB upload limit. Finally, Facebook will monitor all uploads in its attempt to avoid infringing files from being shared.

Meanwhile, some of the industry observers point out that the fact that the social network has bought a file-sharing service Drop.io two years ago could be a hint that Mark Zuckerberg is going to launch a cloud-based service. As for the failed project Wirehog, it was part of Facebook until 2006. Six years ago Sean Parker shut down the program to let Facebook stay online and far from copyright violation lawsuits.

However, Groups for Schools may only revive one of the key sections that Facebook has lost within the years. Everything posted inside this group can only be reached by students using their .edu e-mails to authenticate. This is actually a key feature if they do not want their future employer to see compromising photos of them at some party. Finally, Groups for Businesses can be a project in Facebook’s agenda as well, so giants such as Yammer or Google should get busy fast enough.

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