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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facebook Opened File-Sharing For Everyone

If you remember, just a month ago Facebook has started “Groups for Schools”. Today it has enabled file-sharing for all the groups.

The largest and the most popular social network in the world, Facebook, is currently offering the feature of sending files to all groups. The feature in question will become available to every user in mere days. Even if you still don’t have access to this opportunity, Facebook can assure you that you’ll have it soon, according to the industry reports.

The first step to file-sharing was made by the social network about a month ago, when they launched “Groups for Schools”. This feature enables anyone with an .edu e-mail address which could be used to share files. Network members are allowed to upload common file types of up to 25Mb, except music files and .exe files. However, Facebook didn’t prohibit electronic books, comics, music videos and other small videos.

Many, especially from the entertainment industry, may wonder how Facebook was going to prevent leaking copyrighted content into the network. But the company had its answer: its representatives claimed that in order to prevent the spread of malicious, inappropriate or copyrighted content, Facebook members will be able to report illegal files the same way they can with other content across the service.

According to the company’s representative, up to date over 380,000,000 people use Facebook Groups, and their most popular request was to enable file-sharing for the groups’ users. Hopefully, we’ll see in a few days what the feature looks like, how Facebook users like what they were offered, and how the creative industry reacts to this update.

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