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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Google Will Compete with Windows

Google’s Chrome operating system already looks like a possible competitor of Microsoft’s Windows OS.


Chrome OS 19 has already been installed on the Samsung Series 5 and Acer AC700 Chromebooks. As a result, the operating system doesn’t look like a bootable Internet browser anymore. The company has released an Aura window manager having all the functions of a common operating system.

The interface is pretty nice. Along the bottom of the screen you can see a Shelf – hiding, when you have got a browser window maximized. However, you are free to rather have it always on top or auto-hide. Thus, it is similar to a Windows taskbar.

On the left from the Shelf there are Google-pinned shortcuts. Click on a Chrome icon will open a new tab, with Gmail, Google search, Docs, and YouTube. There’s one to open the browser windows. Click on another icon will let you see your Chrome applications floating above your current wallpaper, with windows borders featuring transparency effects.

Of course, it isn’t Windows yet, but is still showing where the search giant is headed and how it sees its future. It was said that Chrome will be Android for tablets and eventually the desktops. Chrome won’t even need the full power of the OS, as most of its functions will be cloud based. Already the operating system features a photo editor allowing snaps to be uploaded individually or in bulk to Picasa.

In addition, it seems that Google has improved its hardware acceleration features, making Google feel that Chrome system is almost ready to compete with Windows. Undoubtedly, it then has to face the Linux desktop problem, and it will only be able to compete with Windows when there’s enough software to run on it.

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