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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hackers Invaded China

Famous hacking group Anonymous has invaded China. The hacktivists already managed to deface hundreds of government sites. The institutional targets were listed by the hackers on Pastebin to let the group’s members go for them.


The International Business Times published an article, where they cited one of the Anonymous spokespeople. The latter confirmed that hundreds of Chinese websites had been defaced or taken offline by the group of hacktivists. Of course, they didn’t to do it for fun without explaining the reason – Anonymous have always been known for delivering ideas. This time, again, it turned out that each defaced homepage now carried a statement against the Chinese government. The websites also featured the traditional Anonymous banner, along with Baba O’Riley by The Who playing in the background: the visitors must have been impressed.

According to the published statement, the Chinese authorities have subjected their people to both unfair laws and unhealthy processes. The statement read: “Dear government, you aren’t infallible”. The hackers warned that while today they only hacked the country’s websites, tomorrow they could address Chinese vile regime that would fall with the same ease. Anonymous pointed out that each Chinese citizen suffers from the tyranny of the local regime that knows nothing about them. The hacktivists promised that Anonymous would always support them and the silence of all other states could only emphasize the lack of democracy and justice in the country. The defacement went as far as to provide hints on how to bypass the government’s censorship.

This massive attack came after Chinese state media announced a crackdown on a number of websites and punished a couple of social services, while arresting 6 people for “spreading rumors of a coup”

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