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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hosting MegaUpload’s Users’ Data Is Expensive

This article is about another entity that suffered from MegaUpload’s story: along with the service itself, its founder and users, Carpathia Hosting also faced cash problems. The matter is that after the well-known file-sharing service MegaUpload was taken offline by the US government, millions of its users lost access to their information. However, the data is still hosted by the company named Carpathia Hosting, though nobody pays it for doing this.

Carpathia Hosting has finally asked help from the American government – indeed, the MegaUpload’s unpaid bills pile up. The hosting company claimed that the data from over 66 million users is still “stuck” into Carpathia Hosting’s system. That’s why the firm has filed an emergency motion to the Court of the United States, explaining that it has to pay $9,000 daily to host the information, which already totals to half a million dollars – that’s how much it costs to store data since January, when the file-sharing service was taken offline.

As such, Carpathia Hosting is asking either for cash or for the data to be taken away from the company’s servers. After all, it could be deleted after MegaUpload users recover their files. At the moment, Carpathia Hosting can’t remove the data itself, because it risks lawsuits with different parties that might have an interest on that information – for instance, the Motion Picture Association of America. The hosting company expects a court hearing on the motion in April.

At the same time, Kim Dotcom, the founder of MegaUpload service, is kept under house arrest. The American authorities, in their turn, are doing their best to extradite him to the United States, and this decision is also expected in oncoming April.

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