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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Iran Might Switch off the Web

The information below wasn’t confirmed by any official entity, i.e. thus far it is just a rumor, but still…
Iran is said to take a decision to completely disconnect the worldwide web from the country in favor of its own “clean” alternative.


Some of the media reports claim that the current plan is that the country will institute a nationwide intranet which will be isolated from the regular web, and, of course, strictly regulated by the Iran authorities. This wasn’t the first time such reports hit the web: the plan was reported before, because it was said to be first proposed last year and aimed at the great unwashed.

However, according to the plan, elite users will keep access to the regular Internet. Among those users would be institutions like banks, ministries, and major companies. In addition, the country’s government is also said to be developing its own custom e-mail service along with new national search engine dubbed Ya Haq.

Those users who want an e-mail account with Ya Haq will be required to register their identity with the government. In order words, the Iran authorities will be able to monitor all the letters the citizens send and receive. Before, the country promised to launch its alternative service in August, but Iranian officials later denied this promise.

In fact, the country is officially claiming that it isn’t going to cut access to the worldwide web inside the country at all, and is calling the media report absolutely baseless. But industry experts for some reason don’t believe Iranian representatives, pointing out that they might hope to get away without telling anyone. The only thing the authorities confirmed was that the country was developing a national information network.

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