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Thursday, June 7, 2012

LulzSec Hacker Denied Attacking Stratfor

One of the former LulzSec members was denying that he had hacked into the servers of global intelligence company named Stratfor and took away credit card information and sensitive details of 860,000 of its customers.


Unlike many other LulzSec cases, Jeremy Hammond didn’t even try to do a deal with the police to get a lower sentence. He is simply pleading not guilty, though such position in the United States is a kind of getting the do or die card in the board game Escape from Colditz.

Local media reported that Hammond has been locked up since March 2012 after the police identified him as a lieutenant of LulzSec ringleader Hector Xavier “Sabu” Monsegur. Meanwhile, Jeremy Hammond didn’t even ask for bail.

The FBI claims that he stole sensitive information for over 60,000 credit cards from Stratfor servers, plus e-mail and other data for around 860,000 of the service’s customers. In addition, Hammond was charged with hacking servers of the Arizona Department of Public Safety and stealing Feds details. Moreover, there were also charges of conspiracy to commit online hacking and a number of related offenses connected with the cyber attacks.

The police identified Hammond by statements he made in online chats, where he allegedly mentioned that his friend had been arrested during protests in August 2011 in St. Louis. In another chart Hammond revealed that he had been arrested in New York during the Republican National Convention 8 years ago. One day he also described doing porridge in federal prison, and all these details were used by FBI investigators to narrow their list of suspects.

Although it isn’t clear thus far what the hacker’s defense will be, provided that the police and the quite powerful defense contractors at Statfor are miffed over the intrusion, he apparently didn’t get much clemency.

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