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Thursday, June 7, 2012

MegaUpload’s Founder Allowed to Go Online

Despite the fact that Kim Dotcom, the founder of infamous MegaUpload website, still remains under house arrest and is awaiting the extradition decision, the authorities of New Zealand have reinstated his Internet privileges, which brought the individual behind major file-hosting service back online.


Originally, the police of New Zealand, where Kim Dotcom resides, have granted him bail under a number of conditions. One of the conditions stated that Kim Dotcom was forbidden to use the web. Currently, the prosecutors of the United States are doing their best to extradite MegaUpload’s founder for racketeering and for facilitating copyright violation on mass scale.

However, Judge David Harvey announced this past Monday that Kim Dotcom’s behavior since his arrest has been “exemplary”. That’s why he took the decision to grant MegaUpload’s founder the right to go back online. Aside from the permission to use the Internet, Dotcom is now allowed to swim once a day and travel to an Auckland studio to record music twice a week. Moreover, Kim is even allowed to meet once a week with his fellows from MegaUpload.

Everything points at the fact that Kim Dotcom is on the right track. Thus far, nobody knows what other surprises local authorities can prepare for Kim Dotcom and the US prosecutors. Anyway, the 20th of August is expected to be a crucial day for MegaUpload’s owner, because he risks twenty years in prison if the efforts of the authorities of the United States to extradite him prove to be successful. Now the US prosecutors aren’t happy with the judge’s decision to grant Dotcom the right to surf the web, because he can continue his illegal activity.

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