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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monster Cat Goes Free

The young band Monster Cat took a decision to put their album called Mannequins up for free downloading on the world’s most famous torrent tracker The Pirate Bay.

RJ, also known as Psycho Cat, the alternative folk-rock band’s guitarist and vocalist, hopes that this approach will work for their audience. The band had posted the link to the tracker on their official website. Indeed, LOUD’s download made the musicians happy. The five tracks album, which is actually a mix of folk-rock tracks, is currently free for download. The band’s album also includes original wallpaper artwork and a 15% discount to their merchandise.

One may wonder why a self-funded album, which apparently costs each member of the band a four-figure sum, is now available on what the entertainment industry called “the largest facilitator of online piracy”. The band replies that as musicians, they are afraid of not to get heard, so The Pirate Bay is a great chance for them to get heard by everyone around the globe. They added that the band sold 450 CDs and 150 digital downloads before reaching the BitTorrent tracker. The musicians pointed out that The Pirate Bay also offers a promotional mechanism called The Promo Bay, which is open up to anyone and everyone willing to promote their creative works.

Monster Cat wrote in, and the website asked its own Facebook group what they thought of the band. The response was positive, and the album photo appeared on the front page on The Pirate Bay for 3 days. Although it is considered an unconventional solution, the musicians think that it’s the future of entertaining. Meanwhile, the band feels that this sort of advertising has worked out thus far. Moreover, they said that the traffic to their official website rocketed – 150.000 hits over the 3 days since their launch on The Pirate Bay.

Since the members of Monster Cat have no business background thus far, they believe that a business boost is very important, because digital downloading is changing the patterns of music distribution and ownership.

As creators of music, the band members believe they should respect digital culture and the way it is changing consumer habits. To Monster Cat, file- sharing is part of reality and they have to learn how to benefit from it. Those who are interested in the band are welcome to visit their official website to obtain details and watch their newly released music video, “Underwater”.

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