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Thursday, June 7, 2012

.pirate Domain Created

OpenNIC is an outfit uniting dedicated volunteers. Its members run an alternative DNS network, and the organization has just created a new domain for people who may own a file-sharing website – .pirate.

The ICANN system (which stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) was created and incorporated back in 1998 in order to oversee a number of online-related tasks previously performed directly on behalf of the American government by other outfits, for example, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, which ICANN today operates.

Although the creative industry is doing all its best to enforce blocks in the ICANN systems, Internet users have always found ways to avoid blocking measures. Earlier, they used browser plugins like MAFIAAFire, but today the alternate DNS system becomes more popular. That’s why OpenNic has started new .pirate top level domain.

It will take you mere minutes to register with the domain, and then your .pirate website will be accessible to anyone using OpenNic’s DNS servers. Moreover, the current project isn’t limited to just .pirate domains, because they also have .geek, .oss, and .parody names, among others.

Deputy Leader of the Canadian Pirate Party, Travis McCrea, is the man behind the .pirate project. He says that while the world becomes smaller and more connected through advancements of the online technology, users’ ability to have a free flow of data is more threatened by the countries willing to censor and control the communication platform which unites people. In order to oppose such threat, OpenNIC launched the new Top Level Domain .pirate on its root system.

A number of popular domains associated with piracy quickly reserved their space – for example, thepiratebay.pirate. In addition, people using blockaid.me for their DNS will also be able to access .pirate domains, because they have added support for OpenNic last weekend.

People using OpenDNS will be glad to know that the provider announced a new service for Windows users a week ago – DNSCrypt (which used to be available only for Mac OSX and Linux) is a technology allowing to encrypt all DNS traffic between the user and the OpenDNS service. Go ahead and register your own pirate domain for free at www.dotpirate.me.

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