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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Private BitTorrent Trackers

While the portals like ours offer their services publicly, there are plenty of other sites keeping a low profile, comprised of small but strong communities of users. We can tell you how these services work.


Joining a private tracker starts from an invitation. After this, you can gain access to thousands of exclusive torrent files. Of course, there are certain rules that you have to follow if you want to be “accepted” by the tracker and its users.

There are several ways to receive an invitation. The first one is to have a friend who is already a member and can send you an invitation. The second one is based on a short “interview process”. And the last one is to passively wait for the opportunity.

Usually, the private trackers follow the same rules that are common-sense, and not something imposed by the admins just for the fun of it. For example, there is a Ratio Rule. It is about the balance of seeding and leeching: when you seed, the ratio goes up. Usually, private trackers accept a ratio of 1.00, which means that you have an equal amount of downloaded and uploaded content. Those members who fail to contribute to the ratio risk having their account suspended or blocked.

Another rule is the Invite Rule. Some trackers give you few invites just after you have created the account, while others offer them based on your activity. Anyway, you should be careful about who you invite, as their activity will reflect on you. There is also the Upload Rule, which says that not everyone can be an uploader. If, for example, you have access to other private torrent trackers or sources of content to upload to the tracker, then your chances of becoming an uploader are higher.

There may be other rules, depending on a tracker. If you want to become a member, please be sure to read them, no matter whether you are an uploader or a simple user. Usually, private and public trackers reward the activity of their users, promoting them to so-called “power users”, which offers certain advantages like using avatars, rating, and so on.

There are more rules to be followed in private trackers, but they still have some benefits. On one side, you receive access to the newest torrents, like freshest episodes of TV shows, films, games, and music, although their quality is usually not that high. On the other side, there are more seeders in the public trackers, which means higher download speed. Still, there is some privacy in private trackers, though you are not recommended to disregard completely your anonymity by relying on them – try to use proxies or VPNs even if you download from the private sources.

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