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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Romanian “Witches” Googled the Future

A couple of fortune tellers managed to convince many of their clients that they knew everything about them after searching the data on Google and Facebook. Then they pretended to see all of this in their crystal ball.


International media reported that two of Romania’s top witches had made a fortune by providing spells helping to protect clients from the devil. People thought they had the magical ability to know everything about the others through their crystal ball and the fact that dead people seemed to be in breach of any privacy policy.

Nevertheless, what the witched really did was use surveillance equipment in order to collect information on their clients. Later they would pretend that this data was transmitted to them from the spirit world. The witches spied on their clients and did plenty of Google and Facebook searches, after which they plugged in their crystal ball and told the customers what they had been doing for the last 24 hours.

Persuaded, the victims agreed to pay huge amount of money for the chance to speak to dead relatives and get protection from evil forces, believing that the Romanian women were real mystics. One of their clients was even persuaded to take thousands of pounds and go to a lake for a midnight ritual in order to release herself from the burden of her money by throwing it all into the lake. However, the woman hesitated, and a demon emerged from the water of that lake. Of course, she flung all the money into the water and ran away. Later, the country’s police found out that the demon was actually a friend of the fortune tellers who had put on diving gear and a mask in order to terrify the unsuspecting victim and make her fling the cash.

The entire scheme failed when the fortune tellers were charged with fraud and decided to bribe a local prosecutor to drop the charges. Nevertheless, the police seemed to have their own Tarot cards and predicted this could happen: in fact, the prosecutor in question was under suspicion for dropping too many cases recently. Instead of summoning a demon to watch the prosecutor, the police simply bugged his office and in result arrested all three of them.

The cops pointed out that if the “witches” had been any good they would have known that the prosecutor’s office was bugged. Aside from fraud, the fortune tellers also face charges under the National Security Act for using unauthorized surveillance equipment.

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