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Thursday, June 7, 2012

US Navy Will Hack into Used Gaming Consoles

There are a lot of things they can do in order to find sensitive information. It recently became known that the US Navy will pay some company a six figure sum for hacking into used video game gear and pull out sensitive data from there.


A while ago, the government of the United States was noticed advertising a project that was looking to develop instruments for extracting information from video game gear. It later turned out that the government has signed a contract with the California-based company named Obscure Technologies. The United States will pay the company around $180,000 for this job.

According to the media reports, the government for some reason wants to hack into used foreign gaming consoles. The hired company will provide monitoring for 6 new video game systems and generate information that doesn’t contain any identifiable information from real users of new video game systems. Obscure Technologies will also have to design and implement a prototype rig to capture information from new video game systems.

The US Navy will dig up second-hand video games systems purchased on the open market – they believe that the consoles are likely to contain sensitive information, and the toolkit developed by Obscure Technologies will have to find out what exactly is hidden there.

Meanwhile, it is unclear for many why the navy would get so much mileage from getting access to gamers’ private messages. It might have been cool if games consoles were widely used by Chinese agents to pass secret information to each other, but this is unlikely to ever happen. Therefore, other than learning how to stage a raid on an Orc dungeon, the security experts don’t see what else the US Navy would get out of this project. 

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