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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Connecting File-Sharing and Internet Browsing

BitTorrent Inc.’s team of developers has recently announced their latest project named Torque. This is the same team which developed the popular uTorrent application, and now it unveiled a new project called Torque. By using the new Btapp.js library, the app can turn Internet browsers into file-sharing hubs.


The team of developers has published an article, explaining that this library provides access to a browser plugin version of uTorrent/BitTorrent through a tree of Backbone Models and Collections. The project is aimed to allow access to the extensive functionality of a torrent application from Internet clients that are as simple as a single Backbone View. Btapp.js is responsible for getting the plugin installed as well, which allows you to assume that it is available. Aside from the local torrent client, you are also able to access a torrent application anywhere else in the world (if you either configured it from the very beginning or have access to that app’s username/password).

Despite the fact that Opera has already integrated the BitTorrent protocol within their browser, BitTorrent Inc. takes one step further, because they believe there is much more to be done from a browser environment. Torque’s leading engineer described the project as both an underlying, fully fledged torrent application and a simple JavaScript interface designed to make the technology as accessible as it is only possible. The team of developers hopes that the development and use of torrent technologies are able to scale the same way that a torrent swarm does, and therefore makes this first effort towards that goal.

Torque has already been released as 2 apps – a Chrome plugin that allows users to download torrent files as regular ones, and the second, dubbed “Paddle Over” – a website allowing people to share files between each other from any web browser. The users only have to enter their (nick)name and install the plugin.

BitTorrent Inc. says that its aim is to help content creators build better ways to reach their audience, and it thinks that Torque can be a powerful platform for them to distribute their works. The overarching goal is, like always, open innovation online. The company invites software developers to take a look at the Btapp.js library.

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