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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Google Will Settle with FTC over Privacy

The largest search engine in the world is ready to pay $22,500,000 for exploiting Apple browser Safari. Google is going to write a cheque for $22.5 million in order to settle claims that the company bypassed the privacy settings of people using Safari browser.

Local press reported that this fine, if paid, would become the largest penalty ever levied on a single company by the American Federal Trade Commission. The fine relates to search engine’s use of cookies that tricked Apple’s Safari browser so the company could monitor even those people who had blocked such tracking.

However, when the press got on the blower and asked the search engine what is going on and why Google does this, they simply disabled the code and claimed that everything was just a terrible mistake. Still, the experts point out that the penalties in question, though large enough, were only a small portion of the search giant’s revenues. In fact, Google earns that much cash in 5 hours. However, it is yet another bad story about the company’s privacy practices which could undermine customers’ trust.

Meanwhile, the company now faces more fines from other countries and is being investigated by the EU in order to determine if Google complies with Europe’s stricter privacy legislation. In other words, it seems that the search engine is in a big trouble, both at home and abroad. Taking into account that it is about to settle with the Federal Trade Commission, Google doesn’t deny its fault, and this may force other governments to charge the company with larger fines. It still remains to be seen if Goggle officially accepts the FTC’s suggestion to settle.

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