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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

FBI Will Leak False Papers

Julian Assange seems to face another problem with his whistleblowing service: the Feds still want to stop WikiLeaks operations with black ops. That’s why the FBI has hit upon a wizard wheeze to stuff up the whistleblowing site.


Local press reported that the FBI is currently seeding boobytrapped files with false data, trying to become able to track a paper trail from the leaker to the published source. Previously, the Pentagon-sponsored researchers found out that they could track the leakers by seeing how they search. After this discovery, they pushed towards decoy papers which would give them away.

The project has come out of the brains at DARPA and received a name “Fog Computing”. The developers explained that they had created a prototype for automatically generating and distributing believable misinformation. The prototype in question could also track access and attempted misuse of the false data. The Feds called this approach “disinformation technology”.

The problem with this otherwise perfect plan is that this method is the same as the spammers use. As a result, they can wind up undermining trust among the spooks. However, the American military thinks that it should be doing something to stop citizens leaking secrets that show the United States is doing things attributed to autocratic dictatorships only.

Despite the fact that many people accept that whistle blowing is a method used to keep companies clean, the government of the United States still believes that its more dubious antics should be kept out of public view. We’ll how this project will work and what the results will be.

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