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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Electronics Retailer Backed Down on Microsoft Censorship Claim

The head of the Internet electronics retailer Kogan, Ruslan Kogan, has finally backed down from his initial allegation that Bing and Yahoo deliberately excluded his site from their search engines.


Ruslan Kogan originally claimed that Microsoft had censored his company in response to criticizing their IE 7. It was in June when he hit the headlines, saying that his company was going to charge more to people using Internet Explorer 7 to make a purchase on their online service in order to force them to upgrade their browsers.

After the company made such announcement in the press, they noticed that the site had stopped appearing in search results on the Microsoft-owned search engines Bing and Yahoo! According to the company’s analysts, just a couple of days after the “Internet Explorer tax” was made public all traffic from Bing and Yahoo dried up completely. The industry experts did some research and found out that Bing and Yahoo search results returned only listings for Kogan’s Twitter and Facebook pages, but kept silence about its official website, kogan.com.

However, this week Kogan suddenly changed his mind and stopped accusing Microsoft of tampering with its search engine results, even defending them. Now Kogan claims that the there must have been a bug in the tech giant’s end. He couldn’t see a massive professional company like Microsoft deliberately choosing to censor search results, as it would affect how people view the search engines.

Nevertheless, nobody still can explain why 48 hours after Kogan announced his anti-Internet Explorer 7 campaign Microsoft dropped the company from Bing and Yahoo!

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