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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

EU Parliament Rejected Anti-Piracy Legislation

After a never before seen struggle to stop ACTA treaty from coming into force and becoming an international legislation, the EU Parliament finally decided its fate and said a big strong NO against what could have been the demise of the people’s rights on the Internet.


Today can be considered a day of joy – a day when the political stage of the European Union has won against the attempt of the United States to monopolize the web. The Parliament of the European Union voted, and results of the vote (478 against, 39 in favor, 165 abstentions) denied ACTA treaty to become law. This event has put a gravestone over the agreement’s head, at least in the European Union.

However, the experts point out that in theory, ACTA treaty could still have life between the United States and different smaller states. The list may include such countries as Morocco, Switzerland, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Nevertheless, Mexico was first to reject this idea. In the meantime, Australia and Switzerland have practically done the same. Hopefully, other countries will follow the EU example.

In response, the European Commissioner in charge with the agreement, Karel de Gucht, announced that he’d keep on fighting for the treaty and will re-table it before the Parliament of the European Union until it gets its approval.

Unfortunately for Karel de Gucht, the EU Parliament doesn’t take its mission lightly, and the Internet users applaud that approach. Keeping this in mind, it can be said that ACTA treaty is finally dead, and good riddance.

The free web has won a great victory today, maybe the most important one, but the copyright war is still far from being over…

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