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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something about Kim Dotcom

Today a lot of people know who Kim Dotcom is and what followed after American government decided to close down his website and company named MegaUpload. Now Kim Dotcom can say for sure who ordered the demise of MegaUpload.


The founder of MegaUpload admits that he understands who exactly decided to close him down – it was Vice President Joe Biden. The latter appeared to be a close friend with ex-senator Chris Dodd. This person needs no introduction, we guess. Dotcom claims that he knows from a credible source that it was Joe Biden who ordered his lawyer and now state attorney Neil MacBride to shut the cyberlocker down.

In addition, Kim knows that the case was debated a year ago at a White House meeting, which hosted a number of very important figures, including Rich Ross, Michael O’Leary, Brad Grey, Chris Dodd, and Barry Meyer. After this information from an insider was received, they scanned the White House visitor logs for all meetings of Chris Dodd, the head of the MPAA, and studio executives with Joe Biden and Obama, which are publicly available on the White House official site.

An interesting fact was revealed: a man named Mike Ellis of MPA Asia, an extradition expert and ex-superintendent of the Hong Kong police, also met with Chris Dodd, all studio executives and Joe Biden, and later met with the Minister of Justice Simon Power in New Zealand.

We’ll see how and when Dotcom will use this information. Right now he seems to be having a good time with friends, but fun time isn’t his prime concern. In July, his lawyers have to face a Virginia judge in order to have the MegaUpload case dismissed. A paper published on his lawyers’ site says that they will discuss the problems of indictments, among others. The experts believe that they may win, because last week a High Court judge said that New Zealand police used a faulty warrant, which voids the whole case.

Kim Dotcom gains a lot of popularity, admitting that the people of New Zealand have made him feel very welcome, because they realize he has been treated unfairly. The people understand that the New Zealand leadership could do everything to please the US.

By the way, Kim Dotcom donated $50.000 to John Banks during his 2010 campaign for mayor of Auckland. Despite the fact he failed to acquire the position, John Banks called Kim to thank him personally.

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