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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Church of Kopimism Married First Couple

In today’s virtual reality, where file-sharing has become one of the most popular online activities, it was common for users to think of making it a rather serious matter. One of them was Isaac Gerson, a philosophy student who started the Church of Kopimism in the country. However, he probably did not expect that much success at the moment. Within the past few months, this innovative spiritual belief has spread from the United States to Estonia, with the church’s followers believing that file-sharing is actually sacred and shouldn’t be restricted or constrained by legislation.

However, a church isn’t true without its first wedding, and so a stage hosted the once in a lifetime event with a Romanian woman and her Italian man, who both said “yes” and became wife and husband. The Church of Kopimism announced that they were very happy that day, that love is all about sharing, and so a married couple would share everything with each other.

As with any matrimony, a Kopimism marriage is also following some rules, allowing the couple to share their love with others, if others do not steal it. At the same time, the most important rule is “to copy and remix” themselves. In other words, they can copy and remix their DNA-cells and create a new human being, which is actually the spirit of Kopimism. The church calls to feel the love, share that information and copy all of its holiness. Hopefully, the newlywed couple will have a happy and full life together.

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