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Thursday, June 7, 2012

MegaUpload’s Founder Released Song about New Zealand MP

A week ago Kim Dotcom, recently bailed by the local authorities, released his own song called “John Banks Song” on YouTube.


Those who don’t know who John Banks is and how he is related to Kim Dotcom should know that he is the head of the ACT New Zealand political party, and the minister for Small Business and Regulatory Reform. MegaUpload’s founder reportedly donated $38.000 to his 2010 campaign for mayor of the city of Auckland, and is now to be questioned by local authorities over these claims.

Meanwhile, John Banks denies that he violated any elections legislation, and says that he didn’t visit Dotcom’s home to meet him. According to the political observers, his poll numbers decreased to 10% ever since the political scandal. There were quotes in the articles like the “crown lawyers acting for the US knew before seizing Kim’s money and property that they were using an invalid court order”.

Worse still, the local newspaper, which has been filling inquires through the Official Information Act, said that “police officers involved into raid in the mansion of online magnate Kim Dotcom went as far as to put together a list of belongings for the US authorities to seize”.

Last week, Prime Minister John Key denied that he knew Kim Dotcom until the day before the scandal, even though his senior ministers, a string of senior civil servants, and of course his own electorate staff were all involved in issues relating to him. It turned out that staff in the Prime Minister’s own department knew about MegaUpload’s founder and his bid through the Overseas Investment Office to purchase the house where he lived with his family.

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