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Thursday, June 7, 2012

GEU Required Google to Give Antitrust Answers

The largest search engine in the world has recently had a good talking to the European Commission. The matter is that the latter declared that Google has only a few weeks to come clean on accusations about abusing its dominance.

Joaquin Almunia, the competition policy chair of the European Commission, wrote a letter to Google boss Eric Schmidt, telling him about the concerns of the European Union. Now the European Commission is hoping that Google resolves all their concerns without any further measures.

But the experts point at the major problem of the search giant: no amount of threats really bother Google too much: they tend to be fines, and the company has more money than sense.

Joaquin Almunia claimed that restoring competition to the benefit of Internet users at an early stage is preferable to length proceedings, but these sometimes may become indispensable to competition enforcement. The competition policy chair of the EC said that the company has repeatedly told the European Commission that it wants to discuss its concerns. This is why he decided to give Google a chance to offer remedies to address the concerns that have already been identified.

For example, the European Commission is worried about the search giant promoting its own services in search way ahead of the competition. This issue has been discussed a lot in the press, but Google doesn’t seem to be willing to change things.

Meanwhile, Joaquin Almunia promised that if the company wants to cooperate and drafts a list of remedies, the European Commission will dedicate its staff to initiate discussions and finalize a remedies package.

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