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Thursday, June 7, 2012

France Asked Search Engine to Stop Using “Jews”

France is asking Google to ban the word “Jew” from the engine’s instant searches. Well, it isn’t quite as it seems: a French judge has asked a third party to resolve a dispute between the search giant and anti-racism groups that object to Google suggesting users add “Jew” to name searches. The matter is that Google’s autocomplete option suggests what search people might want depending on algorithms of previous searches. It turned out that in France, users keep asking if famous people are Jewish. For example, if you tap Justin Bieber, the autocomplete feature will suggest the word “Jew” in French.

According to SOS Racisme, the Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples and the International League Against Racism and anti-Semitism, the search giant is unintentionally infringing the law. The groups brief explained that the search engine’s users were confronted every day by the unsolicited and almost systematic association of the word “Jew” with the names of celebrities in the world of politics or show business.

Although most people wouldn’t have thought it was bad, because there’s nothing better to know how important your religion is amongst the celebrities, this undoubtedly doesn’t help racial harmony. This may be in case right-wing nut jobs hope to prove that there is a jewish conspiracy to conquer the world and ban bacon butties can identify their targets.

According to French legislation, it is against the law to record someone else’s ethnicity in a database. That’s why Judge Martine Provost-Lopin a week ago accepted a request from all parties to appoint a third party to find a solution. The next hearing was scheduled for June 27.

In response, Google France representative explained that the search engine didn’t decide on these requests in a manual way. Instead, all requests shown by autocomplete option have previously been searched for by other Internet users. 

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