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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Google: Another massive data protection violation.

A specialist in data protection from Germany has made Google reveal all of the informationthat Google have been collecting from millions of German’s while mapping their country with the use the of Google Street car.


Not only were the cars taking pictures and mapping the streets and surrounding areas but they were also scooping up information from unsecured wireless internet connections.

Google alleged that it was an error with the computer software used and that it included some developmental software unintentionally installed in the street car's computer programming.

The collected data included, Internet search history, Emails, images,
passwords, website postings and more.

Following this information release, at least another 12 countries began questioning the legality of the way the information is secretly gathered, and the content of the information and the proposed use of it, and to date so far no regulating body in the USA has be able to see any of the data Google’s cars have collected from its public.

This breach of data protection and secret information collection has been reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), who did issue Google with a $25,000 fine as Google hindered their investigation into this affair, although the FCC did not find any breach of American laws in the way the information was gathered.

There so far has been no statement issued from Google about this collection of personal information, or who at Google had knowledge of it, and what the intended use of the collected information was to be for, with Google stressing that any collected information was not for use with/for any Google service or product.

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